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The designer obsession for the term ARTISTA is traceable in his childhood,
starting with his family, which members are predominantly artists, and also
the contest of the historical city of Florence and its people and they way of life.
And artistic approach to product, events, and artifact presented at times
with historical accuracy and at times with irony.
A grand archive, incredibly rich in iconography, symbolism and atmosfere
from which one can draw eternal and ever evolving inspiration.
Highly motivated to function as a link between the various layersof
this “world”, ARTISTA presents itself in an irreverent but sophisticated way,
with a language that is fondamentaly pop.
Never completely in line with the dynamics controlled by the “market”
ARTISTA moves following its needs and ideals.
Here a very clean line, yet playful and broad. Including couture T-shirts,
small iconic jewels and leather accessories.
The inspiration, always comes from any aspect for the art “world”.
The materials are always classic with clean cuts and volumes.
Each collection piece is the product of an artist to be worn as a distinctive sign
of the community the ARTISTA belongs to and express its point of view from.
In the same way ARTISTA brings you a curated selection of art pieces, always
updated with artists whom path we watchfully follow.
Also a space to gather and connect to a world of services connected
to the art field / fashion and show business.
Last a warmly suggests selected calendar of events.
What else could we add ?

To all the artists, sincerely,